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A Beacon of Innovation and Growth The Genesis

In February 2020, NG-NeXT Tech was founded by Nishant Gauraw.
Parijat Verma, with his experience as an operations manager at ACT Fibernet and being Nishant's brother, joined as a co-founder and CEO in January 2021. His role was pivotal in developing the company's corporate culture and operations, serving until March 2023.
Mahaveer Solanki, an MBA in Finance and Nishant's long-term aide, joined as a co-founder and investor in June 2023, alongside Anvith Shetty, who also became a co-founder and CTO that same month.

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A Unique Educational Pathway

Mr. Gauraw, after successfully completing his higher secondary education in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, took an unconventional route. Although an entrant in premiere medical entrance tests, he chose to tread a different path. Drawn towards the world of computers, he embarked on a BCA program from IGNOU, complimented with a GNIIT course from NIIT. However, his diverse interests made him pivot from a traditional educational trajectory, leading him to become a proud dropout, focusing on independent research in Operating Systems, Networking, and Parallel Processing.

Embarking on Technological Entrepreneurship

By 23, Mr. Gauraw launched a software enterprise in Ramgarh. The journey to Ahmedabad ignited his penchant for the stock market. His unmatched skills saw him rise as a revered market advisor before transitioning into the realm of cryptocurrency, with the invention of TycheCash in 2017.

Commitment to Legal and Ethical Standards

His steadfast commitment to ethics was evident when the 2014 SEBI regulations came into play, emphasizing adherence to regulatory mandates.

A Vision Realized

With the unwavering partnership of Mr. Mahaveer Solanki since 2014, 2020 witnessed the birth of NG-NeXT Tech Private Limited, targeting Blockchain, AI solutions, Mobile Apps, and Logistics Tech Solutions for a global market.

Progress Beyond 2022

By 2022, NG-NeXT blossomed with a team of six. The creation of an in-house HRMS revolutionized HR processes.

Birth of SkillWise and SelectRight.AI

A historic campus hiring at NITTE College gave birth to SkillWise. Following its success, SelectRight.AI emerged, reshaping traditional hiring through AI-driven mechanisms.

ProctorWise, Idility & The Role of Anvith Shetty

September 2023 marked the launch of ProctorWise and Idility. A special mention must be made of Anvith Shetty, who joined NG-NeXT as a lead developer in July 2022. Recognizing his indispensable contribution and vision alignment, he was elevated to the esteemed position of co-founder by July 2023.

Looking Ahead

With an eye on the future, NG-NeXT is set to unveil customizable HRMS and LMS systems, continually redefining the technological landscape, under the visionary leadership of Mr. Nishant Gauraw, Mr. Mahaveer Solanki, and Mr. Anvith Shetty.

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